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When can I come look at the vehicles? 

24/7 - 365! All vehicles are unlocked at all times. You can come to our

location at 8190 Rt. 60, Cassadaga, NY and take a look any time.

Can I make an appointment? 

Yes, you can! To make an appointment, give Loren Smith a call or text at 716-679-8475.

He will be happy to work with you to set up an appointment that is convenient for you. 


What about financing options?

Cash, personal loan (click here to apply), or as a last resort, we do accept credit cards.

We accept all major brands except American Express.

What about this "Winter Layaway" plan I've heard about?

You heard correct! We do offer a winter layaway plan, which begins on November 1st. Free storage and free winterization. Make payments over the winter with 0% interest, while we hold the title and the keys. Final payments are due by April 15th (tax time). After payments are completed, we finalize the sale and hand you the title and keys!


What if I live out of state? 

We are experienced with out-of-state sales and deal with them frequently. 

We will work with you via phone calls, texts, and emails

to ensure we are all on the same page and get the deal done!

Any other questions? 

Give Loren a give Loren Smith a call or text at 716-679-8475.

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